Tuesday, 23 October 2012


1)    Who is the author of ""Kannuneerthulli"" ?
Ans:     Nalappattu Narayana Menon
2)    Bakal Fort is in which District ?
Ans:     Kasargode
3)    Where is Puralimala situated?
Ans:     Thalasserry
4)    Importance of 1 makaram 984 in the history of Kerala is …..
Ans:     Kundara Proclamation
5)    "The book ""Swarga Vathil Thurakkunna Samayam"" is written by :
Ans:     M.T.Vasudevan Nair
6)    The speaker having longest tenure in the Kerala Assembly :
Ans:     M.Vijayakumar
7)    First Kerala State Kathakali Award has been given to :
Ans:     Kalamandalam Raman Kutty Nair
8)    The year in which KSRTC was started?
Ans:     1965
9)    Who is known as the Golden girl of Kerala?
Ans:     P. T Usha
10)     The woman to become the first central minister?
          Ans:     Lakshmi M. Menon
11)      The smallest Grama Panchayath in Kerala?
          Ans:     Valapattanam
12)     The ship in which Vasco De Gamma came to Kappad?
          Ans:     San Gabriel
13)     The Sabarigiri Hydro Electric Project is built in the river:
          Ans:     Pampa
14)     The First Hydro Electric Project in Kerala is:
          Ans:     Pallivasal
15)     Who wrote ""Viswadarshanam"
          Ans:     G.Shankara Kurup
16)     Forest Industries Travancore is situated in:
          Ans:     Aluva
17)     Who is known as "Kerala Valmiki" ?
        Ans:     Vallathol Narayana Menon
18)     The First President of "Kerala Sahithya Academy"
        Ans:     Sardar K.M.Panicker
19)     Birth place of Ezhuthachan is at :
          Ans:     Thunchanparambu in Tirur (Malappuram District)
20)     Dutch East India Company was established in :
        Ans:     A.D. 1592
21)     Father of Malayalm Language :
          Ans:     Ezhuthachan
22)      Fifth & Last visit of Gandhiji was in :
          Ans:     January 13, 1937
23)     First Book in Malayalam is :
        Ans:     Samkshepa Vedartham
24)      First Malayalam Dictionery was compiled by :
          Ans:     Dr.Herman Gundart from Germany
25)     First Mamankom was held in
          Ans:     A.D. 829
26)     First Pazhassi Revolution was held in :
          Ans:     A.D. 1793
27)     Huang Tsang a Chinese Traveler visited Kerala in :
        Ans:     A.D. 630
28)     The only Muslim Kingdom in Kerala was the :
          Ans:     Arakkal Kingdom
29)     The prehistoric people of Kerala belonged to :
          Ans:     The Negroto race
30)     Vascoda Gama landed at Kappad in :
          Ans:     20th May, 1498
31)     Vascoda Gama second visit to Kappad (Kozhikkode) was in :
          Ans:     A.D. 1502
32)     Veluthampi Dalava who committed suicide at :
          Ans:     Mannadi
33)     When did Gandhiji visit Kerala for the first time :
          Ans:     August 18, 1920
34)     Who established the Chala Bazar in Thiruvanathapuram :
          Ans:     Raja Kesavadas
35)     Who was the first Britisher to come to Kerala :
          Ans:     Captain Keeling
36)      Who was the first Portuguese viceroy in Kerala :
          Ans:     De Almeida, A.D. 1505
37)     Whose autobiography is called ''Ormayude Arakal ''?
          Ans:     Vaikom Muhammad Basheer
38)     The State Institute of Rural Development [SIRD] is located in :
          Ans:     Kottarakkara
39)     Smallest Taluk in Kerala :
          Ans:     Kochi
40)     Which is the biggest Taluk in Kerala State ?
           Ans:     Eranad
41)     Information Kerala Mission started in :
            Ans:     1999
42)     The district with only one railway station?
            Ans:     Pattanamthitta
43)     The district in which Kerala's first labor bank was formed?
            Ans:     Palakkad
44)     The district with most number of railway stations?
            Ans:     Thiruvanathapuram
45)     The autobiography of E.M.S. Namboothirpad?
            Ans:      Atmakatha
46)     The year in which Vasco De Gama visited Kerala the 2nd time?
            Ans:    1502
47)     The first Keralite to become the union defense minister?
           Ans:     V. K. Krishna Menon
48)     Kerala's first bio village?
           Ans:     Udumbanoor
49)     Kerala's first international airport?
           Ans:     Thiruvanathapura
50)     The first chief minister of Kerala who appeared in the postal stamps?
                   Ans:     E.M.S. Namboothiripad


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